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"Curry", the term primarily employed in Western culture to denote a wide variety of dishes originating in India , recognized all over the world. Because of varied physical form, aroma and flavor an individual spice does not produce the preferred flavor. Indian curry powder is the answer to it. Known as `curry powder` to the Indians, or simply as `curry` to the international consumer, the product is a careful blend of selected spices to add pep, flavor and aroma to a wide range of exotic dishes.

Spices are ground and mixed in certain definite proportions to produce curry powder. Some of the important ingredients in curry powder are coriander, turmeric, chilies, cumin, pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cassia, clove etc.

The Indian specialty is a full complement of spice mixes. These mixes impart a distinct flavor to a variety of food preparations such as chicken, fish, meat, vegetables etc. Supernova best producer of high-quality curry powders and spice mixes to the Kerala.

Chilly is a fascinating vegetable. and the king of spices. Chilly has become a favorite ingredient in culinary item all over the world. Today it is unimaginable to think of food without chilly. Cuisines such as Mexican, Indian, Thai and Italian food have chili as chief ingredient.

Chilly discovered by Christopher Columbus when he landed in South America. He introduced chilly to rest of the world. India got first taste of this pungent spice in 1498 by Vasco-da-Gama. Today, India has become world’s largest producer exporter of chilly, exporting to USA, Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany and many countries across the world. It contributes 25% of world’s total production of chilly. Some of the hottest chilies are grown in India. Indian chilies have been dominating international chilly market. Majority of chilly grown in India is cultivated in states such as Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Orissa.

There are many interesting facts about chilly. Chilies have many beneficial values. Unlike, general belief that chilly is bad for stomach, the truth is completely vice versa. Chilly is good for digestion and has been used in Indian ayurvedic medicines to cure disease. When eaten, you will experience sweating, runny nose hard to breathe, and hiccups. Despite this, people want to spice up their food with chilly. Why? Because chilly is addictive. When you intake chilly, the capsaicin present in the chilly will make the brain produce endorphins, a natural painkiller.

Chilly powder has become basic ingredient in Indian culinary. Chilly powder adds flavor to the food. Chilly powder has many beneficial properties, making it an important part in Ayurvedic medicines to fight many diseases, destroys harmful toxins and stimulates gastric juices that help in digesting food.