Research & Development

Research and development is vital to the food industry and it results in innovation which is regarded as extremely important to a company`s continued success. Innovation is valued in technical areas and in business plans. Research and development is the beginning of most systems of industrial production. The innovations that result in new products and new processes usually have their roots in research and have followed a path from laboratory idea, through pilot or prototype production and manufacturing start-up, to full-scale production and market introduction.

SUPERNOVA that highly diversified trading and manufacturing group of spices and food products and have wide network of distributors, dealers and bulk consumers all over India and abroad is well occupied R&D Department. Our products that manufactured under the controlled conditions to ensure high quality while retaining the nutrient value, freshness & flavor of the spices. The company has built their capabilities for continuous product development and improvement based on customer requirements. Our products are one of the Indias finest and processed using world-class machinery in strict adherence and the highest standards of nutrition and hygiene. We follow stringent hygienic measures which are applied with regular laboratory testing and we have ISO certification.

Raw materials are handling with care to protect from all kinds of defects. Our products are keeping in specific temperature to avoid moisture and other microbiological defects, and products are mixed in specific proportion to satisfy the taste of the customers, and as per the food safety standards of India.

SUPERNOVA full fledged team of entrusted with research and product developmental activities are our highlights. Our new products are improved in quality it helps Supernova to have better market share and satisfy regular consumers. Our well established Research and development department simplified many hindrances in food processing industry with out any defects and the result goes to the consumer satisfaction.

Our R&D department handled by professionally qualified food technologists. They do their best to provide the value to the consumers what they are willing to spend for our product. No doubt, the departments have a major role in our overall performance, market share and growth. Well designed the laboratory, professionally qualified staff and assistants from food science specialists creates something special in food products.