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Sambar Powder
Method Of Preparation

Method of Preparation



1.   Vegetables - 1/2 Kg.
2.   Supernova Sambar Powder - 3 Teaspoon
3.   Dhal - 1/2 Cup
4.   Tamarind - to taste
5.   Salt - to taste
6.   Curry leaf - a few
7.   Mustard - to taste

METHOD OF PREPARATION :  Add vegetables and 3 cup of water to cooked dhal and boil. Add 3 teaspoon Supernova Sambar Powder once again boil with tamarind and salt. For taste saute with dry chilly and mustard. You can make other tasty dishes using Supernova masalas with your own recipe.)



Try Supernova SAMBAR POWDER for your favourite breakfast preparation of Idli and Sambar or a wholesome lunch/dinner of rice and Sambar. Making Sambar is a long and cumbersome process, involving a thorough understanding of spices, their quantities, and of frying and grinding them. Now exciting, tasty Sambar can be made in little over a few minutes. All you have to do is add Supernova SAMBAR POWDER to already cooked dal, vegetables and pre-soaked tamarind and boil them. Give final touches by garnishing with fresh coriander leaves. This exotic south Indian dish is ready for you to relish!..