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Meat Masala
Method Of Preparation

Method of Preparation


1.   Meat - 1/2 Kg.
2.   Supernova Meat Masala - 3 Teaspoon
3.   Onion - 3 Nos.
4.   Tomato - 3 Nos.
5.   Green Chilly - 3 Nos.
6.   Small Onion - 10 Nos.
7.   Ginger - 1 Piece
8.   Garlic - 2 Nos.
9.   Curry leaf - 2 Stalk
10. Salt - to taste
11. Coriander leaf - 2 Stalk
12. Oil - 2 Teaspoon

METHOD OF PREPARATION :  Heat oil and fry onions lightly. Add 4 to 9 items, Supernova Meat Masala and meat pieces, then Stir well. Cook this in 4 cup of water, salt to taste, close lid tightly. Serve with Coriander leaves. (Also you can make other tasty dishes using Supernova masalas with your own recipe.)



Preparing non-vegetarian food regularly can be a cumbersome process, especially if you have to cook and have no one to assist you. The cleaning of spices, frying them and grinding them can definitely leave even an expert cook exasperated. Now with Supernova MEAT MASALA you can serve non-vegetarian dishes at your will. What's more we have taken care to choose the very best of spices and package them to give you the authentic traditional taste..