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Chicken Masala
Method Of Preparation

Method of Preparation


1.   Chicken - 1/2 Kg.
2.   Supernova Chicken Masala - 2 table spoon
3.   Sliced Onion - 1 No.
4.   Small Onion - 1/2 cup
5.   Ginger - 1 piece
6.   Green chillies - 2 nos.
7.   Curry leaves - 1 stalk

METHOD OF PREPARATION :  Saute the sliced onion with crushed ginger, green chilly and garlic in coconut oil. Add Supernova Chicken Masala and stir well. Add chicken pieces, sufficient quantity of water and salt. Cook on a low flame. Saute with small onion and curry leaves. Now Supernova chicken curry is ready.



Gastronomes have relished the traditional Chicken Masala for years and still continue doing so. The preparation is a closely guarded secret and requires professionals to bring in the true taste and the fragrance. With Supernova CHICKEN MASALA every one is a professional. You don't have to worry about the spices, their quantities or the labour involved. All you have to do is add Supernova CHICKEN MASALA to the chicken along with the other regular ingredients and win accolades for the taste. True to your style..