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Biriyani Masala
Method Of Preparation

Method of Preparation


1.   Biriyani Rice - 1 Kg
2.   Chicken - 1 Kg
3.   Supernova Biriyani Masala - 40g
4.   Ghee - 1 Cup
5.   Curry leaf, Coriander leaf, Mint leaf - As required
6.   Coconut Paste - 1 Cup
7.   Tomato - 200 g
8.   Onion - 500 g
9.   Ginger - 30 g
10. Garlic - 30 g
11. Green Chilly - 40 g
12. Curd - 1/2 Cup
13. Salt - As required
14. Cashew nut, Dry graphs - As required

METHOD OF PREPARATION :  Grind ingredients 9,10,11, Slice 7,8, Roast cashew nut, dry grape with half quantity of onion. Mix ingredients 5 to 13 with Super Nova Biriyani Masala and chicken then cook. After half boiling put half boiled rice on top of the mix. Close the lid and apply fire from top and bottom. Open lid after one hour and serve hot.



Every day is an occasion. With occasions there has to be a celebration. And every successful celebration remains incomplete without the versatile Biryani. You cannot have it any better than this. You need neither remember the exact quantity of spices nor fear embarrassment. Compliments for you and your great tasting Biryani will pour forth... Just add Supernova BIRYANI MASALA to Basmati Rice and your choice of vegetables in sufficient quantity and cook them in a pressure cooker with the requisite salt. The rest, as they say, is history - compliments and a mouth-watering experience coming your way..