The Signature of Purity

Supernova Food Products

Supernova, we believe in super-measures. Our operation is 100% class, purity and realism. From our ranches to manufacturing facility; from our manufacturing process to our super class quality control, we make sure that you get pure, nourishing, high-quality ingredients. We provide qualitative spices, flavours and pure blended seasonings that taste resembling that of in your mom's kitchen.

AMS Spices And Food Products time-honoured the brand Supernova on 6 th May 2001 in Manjeri, Malappuram district of Kerala with a HACCP/ISO 22000:2005 certification. The company's operation was initiated at district level and eventually amplified nationally and internationally in a gradual period of time. Featured with hi-tech production and packaging facilities abiding all FSSAI standards.

"Supernova" the word itself describes us in a ground-breaking way that it's a blend of super quality ingredients. All our products are blended with love and purity from our hearts, as a mother cooks food for her child very precisely. We ground each ingredient as it is to maintain its aroma and freshness. We blend each spice carefully and precisely to give the required flavour and texture to the product.

Our product when used adds extra delicacy and aroma making your dish more delicious and flavourful. We make a special bond in every South Asian kitchen giving the feel of ancient aroma and sense of cooking.

Supernova assures your kitchen the enthralling aroma and enticing flavours. We at Supernova, expertise fine spices that ensure every Indian preparation is committed to its comfort. Ever since our inception, we have delivered superlative sun-dried spices to the world, to enjoy an authentic taste of every cuisine. Supernova has been one of the most unswerving brands of Spices for ages.