The Signature Of Purity

Supernova brings the nature at its best to your dining table with its purity and naturality. Supernova is committed to provide the superior range of food products to its customers in terms of quality as well as taste. Supernova assures its customers that our products are free from all kind of artificial flavours, taste makers like Mono Sodium Glutamate and synthetic colours which are hazardous to human health. The modern medicine warns that the above ingredients can cause deceases like cancer and renal failures. Supernova welcomes you to a healthy world of secure and hygienic food culture of God’s own country.

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Kerala Spices
Super Nova Pickles


Hand-picked grounded ingredients.
We make a special bond in every South Asian kitchen giving the feel of ancient aroma and sense of cooking.

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Supernova Break Fast Products


Supercilious Flavours
Our product when used adds extra delicacy and aroma making your dish more delicious and flavourful.

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